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A Little History


This collection originally started as a compilation of recipes from an adult education  Mexican Cooking Class taught by Sylvia at the Boca Raton Middle School.  The resulting Mexican Cooking Class Cookbook was very popular with the students, Sylvia and others.  I also had several additional recipes "laying around" and added them to the collection to make the First Edition of My Favorite Recipes.  


The First Edition was fairly small, inexpensive to copy, and was given to several friends and family for Christmas.  Jerry saw the book and mentioned that he and his wife Ruth had been collecting recipes for some time on their home computer.  They allowed me to combine the collections into a giant cookbook for the 1990 second edition.  Unfortunately, the new book was too large to make reasonably priced paper copies but we did make several electronic copies.


When I decided to host my own web site, I looked around for some interesting "stuff" to add and found our old cookbook.  I converted it to HTML and now it's available here.  Please enjoy.




PS:    There are still some errors in some of the recipes mainly due to the conversion to HTML.  As time permits, the editor is reviewing all of the recipes to ensure accuracy.  The original manuscript is over 450 pages and contains hundreds, maybe thousands of recipes.  Please bear with us in the mean time.


Index by Category

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If you can't find what you are looking for here, try visiting the Kitchen Chat Room and ask there.  Someone may have an answer.

First Edition, December 25, 1988

Second Edition, December 25, 1990

Third Edition, March 17, 2001


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Written by:     Don Williams, Sylvia, Ruth & Jerry Dixon

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